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Apps Like Panda Helper

Panda Helper, along with others that you’ll find here, is an amazing 3rd party App Store that gives you access to apps you wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to buy or jailbreak. 

Panda Helper is a broad selection of apps, but what if it doesn’t have what you need? We ask “What Apps Like Panda Helper?” Apps such Panda Helper are 3rd-party apps stores that offer free access to paid apps or games.

Many of these applications are compatible with both Android or iOS devices. Apps can also be installed without jailbreak or root. Sileo and TweakBox offer alternatives.

Panda Helper offers updates to your apps whenever they are released, just like the other apps. We’re curious about what other options are available, so we have created a list that we hope you enjoy. Continue reading to find out about the other options.

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Top Apps Like Panda Helper in 2022

Panda helper, while it is the best 3rd party apps store available, is open to all 3rd party stores. This gives you more options. These apps can be used with panda helper to solve problems. These are the top nine apps similar to Panda Helper.


This is the best spot to find hacked/ mobstered applications for Android. Unfortunately, iOS users are not able to access this app. This site is not available to android users. Almost every tweaked/hacked/morphed app can be found here. It is user-friendly.


TweakBox will likely be the most-popular name on many lists. It’s the best option of all. It features a user-friendly interface many people love. There are also a lot of apps and games.

TweakBox works for iOS and Android users. You have a wide range of emulators to choose. Its download speeds rank high on our ranking. Youtube++ and Spotify++ can also be accessed, as well as InstaXtreme.


Sileo apps can be found in this list. This list is only for iOS devices and users. Sileo also offers apps for iOS 12, 13, and 14. This app is great because it has 64-bit support. It is compatible with iOS 14.

Its interface looks very similar to Panda Helper. This makes it a great replacement for Panda Helper. Unfortunately, this option cannot support Android apps.

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Zeus, a more recent option for iOS users, is currently not available for all users. It is fast rising to be a leader within its field and is well known for providing high-quality services when it concerns accessing your favorite mods and apps.

Zeus also provides emulators, screen recorders, and unofficial content that isn’t available through the official AppStore. Zeus’ legacy jailbreaking features are another reason it is increasing in popularity.


Unofficial apps are also available on iOS. This is a must-visit site if you’re looking for modified and hacked apps. TweakDoor’s unique feature is that, unlike other options you don’t need to jailbreak your phone to download any apps.

TweakDoor is a repository of modded and updated apps. This app does not require that you sign in to Apple ID like some other options. This is a great feature since Apple does not have the ability to track your activities.


25p has its drawbacks. However, 25pp comes with some drawbacks.

25pp is easy-to-use They are all free and easy to download. However, there are some drawbacks. 25pp’s default language is Chinese. To get started, you’ll need to change the language to English.


AppCake offers another excellent option to iOS users. You might wonder why there are so few iOS apps. There are not many Android apps that are free, so many iOS apps and games must be purchased.

Appcake, another third-party app marketplace, is also available. You will need to jailbreak your device in order for it to work. But, it’s worth it because of the many things that you have access. This platform allows easy installation of IPA files on your iPhone/iPad.

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CokernutX (another recent contender) is now available for iOS or Android users. This platform is ideal because it doesn’t require an Apple ID and a jailbroken phone. Spotify++, Youtube++, and many other options are available.

Although it is not very popular, it remains a fantastic 3rd-party application store. It is not as widely used because it offers one of the most extensive collections of apps.


Hipster also offers an alternative option that is more flexible, since it can be used with both iOS or Android. These apps can only be used on iOS 12 or 13.

All top apps for iOS & Android are available from this platform. Access all the apps without having to jailbreak iOS.

Hipster, like many others is simple to use. You can also download your apps securely with Hipster. This platform is safe and secure. Hipster made our list due to all the information provided and the variety of apps that are available.

Asterix Installer

Asterix Installation can be used by both Android and iOS users. This option, like many others is very easy to use. You don’t need to jailbreak it.

It also has many modified and modded apps. You can customize your device by downloading various apps that allow you to do so. You can also look at the incredible collection of themes that are available for free.


AppValley can be an excellent alternative for Panda Helper. It offers a wide range of mods and apps. It also offers a wide range of music and books that can be downloaded.

AppValley is like many others in this list and offers safety and security features that will ensure you’re safe when using its platform, apps, and games. Although we tend to take this for granted it is an important feature that you should know about.

It also accepts unofficial applications that the official Apple AppStore cannot accept.


Emus4u was another great app store. It was created for iOS 12 and iOS 11 owners. Since then it has been made available to Android users.

Download apps from the app shop for free. The app store is accessible to all users, regardless of whether they have jailbroken their phone or provided an Apple ID.


iOS users also have the option of AppEven. It is definitely worth checking out. The best thing about this app store? It works on all iOS versions. Many apps only support certain versions.

You can search and download numerous modified apps from the store. Mods can also be made to paid apps for a nominal fee. Modified games are also available through the AppStore.


TutuApp has a long history in the third-party app store market. It provides millions of apps and many other games that can be browsed and downloaded as often and as often you wish. It is compatible for both iOS and Android users.

You can choose between the original and modified versions. You can use it even without jailbreaking your iOS phone.


Aptoide has proven to be a significant industry player as an alternative Android store. It is also accessible for iOS users. It has over 200 million users around the world and has received more 6 billion app installations. It is a key player in app development.

Aptoide’s platform is unlike other app shops. It places emphasis on social collaboration. It encourages OEMs to provide the best possible choices and provides developers with incentives.


FtiOS (another unofficial store for iOS users) is also available. It contains the same apps found in the AppStore. They are available with tweaks.

FtiOS has a wonderful feature for iPad users using larger screens. This split-screen feature allows you to scroll independently from each other on both sides. There are many themes to choose from, including a darker one.


HappyMod is a third-party app that is only available to Android users. According to their website HappyMod can be found almost anywhere. HappyMod, as all other -related apps is free to download from their store.

There is a huge selection of games and apps available. You can also download the apps at lightning speed. They offer a safe and secure service. Their apps and games can be downloaded quickly without any worries about malware.


iPABox provides a great alternative of Panda Helper. It is the oldest available app store. It is always up and running ahead of the competition. It hosts thousands of games and apps that aren’t official.

The store does NOT charge anything, but receives donations from customers as well as ads. All future updates, new features and other information will be available for free.

Mojo installer

For ios, there is a top-rated 3rd party app. With an enormous collection of mobbed/hacked/tweaked apps. You don’t have to jailbreak ios phones. It is specifically made for devices with no jailbreak abilities. It’s simple to use the apps using the same interface as the original app shop.


Panda Helper has a special tool that is unlike any other. Panda Helper has been voted the best app store for Android as well as iOS. Panda Helper’s trustworthiness is what makes it so great.

You don’t have root access or jailbreak permission to use your smartphone.

Many have enjoyed this unique, free source for modded games and apps. We’ve shown you that there are other options. You can spend the time to look through our list and select the one that you like best.

These options can be just like valuable as Panda Helper. We hope you find one that suits you. These app stores let you access free apps or games. You might be able to save some cash by purchasing the app. I’m certain developers will be very grateful.

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