Apple Music Won’t Load On Your Device: Discover What’s Wrong & Fix It

Apple Music Won't Load

Have you tried installing the Apple music application for your iPhone or Android device, but it cannot start loading your music library? Have you had to wait for hours to access your songs and albums? In this article, we’ll assist you in determining the root of Apple Music Won’t Load problem and offer a few ways to resolve it.

A majority of Apple services are available to iOS users. However, Apple Music is a different case. The Apple Music app can be downloaded and utilized on iPhone, Android devices, and even PCs. This allows many more people to access this app to stream music.

The iCloud Music Library was introduced with Apple Music in order to allow users to download and sync music on all of their devices with an Apple ID.

However, a handful of users have reported they are experiencing issues with their Android devices as well as iPhones aren’t loading the Apple Music Library.

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Why is it that Apple Music Keeps Saying Loading?

Apple Music Won't Load

If your iPhone or Android device is having trouble getting the Apple Music Library, it could be because of any of the following causes.

  • Your music library is enormous, and it takes a long time for the device you have to download every time you launch Apple Music. Apple Music app
  • Your WIFI or cell phone connection isn’t stable.
  • The latest iOS as well as Android software was able to fix a problem that prevented the application from loading the music library.
  • You’re using an alternative Apple ID to access the Apple Music app.
  • You’ve renewed or changed your Apple subscription.
  • The device you are using is out of storage, and it’s preventing the albums from loading artwork.

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Apple Music Won’t Load on iPhone.

In the event that Apple Music won’t load your library on your iPhone, Try these steps to diagnose the problem.

Enable and disable iCloud Music Library

Apple Music Won't Load On Your Device: Discover What's Wrong & Fix It

Sometimes it is necessary to restart iCloud Music Library settings can aid in resolving issues with loading Apple Music loading issue. In order to do that, go into your Apple Music settings on your iPhone and go into the section Music. Then, switch off and then turn on the iCloud Music Library option. Then make sure you can access the music library right now.

Start Apple Music and iPhone

It is recommended to restart Apple Music, and iPhone is another fast way to resolve the problems with loading the library. This technique is commonly employed by many users to correct a myriad of Apple Music app issues. Close the app and then restart your iPhone. After that, open your Apple Music app again and test if this resolves the issue.

Sign out, then sign again into App Store as well as iTunes

Another solution you might be able to test is to log off and then log in to the App Store or iTunes. When Apple ID fails to connect with Apple Music, and you are unable to connect with the Apple Music server, the user is unable to access or access your library of Music. Re-logining is quick and easy to restart the connection and can help you solve the problem.

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Reauthorize and deauthorize your computer

Apple Music Won't Load On Your Device: Discover What's Wrong & Fix It

Sometimes, it is impossible to load the library of Music on your iPhone If iTunes on your computer has trouble accessing the library’s content. To resolve this issue problem, you’ll need to reauthorize and authorize your computer in accordance with the settings for account authorization in the iTunes software application on your computer.

Apple Music won’t load on Android.

If you’re stuck with an Apple Music library loading issue on your Android phone, you can try the fixes mentioned above for iPhone and the fixes below also.

Switch off and on the library synchronization

A large music library needs longer to load and requires you need a speedy network connection and sufficient storage space to download or sync to the Android device. In the event that Apple Music is stuck at loading the library, you can fix this by going through Settings -> Music and switching off and turning on the Sync Library option.

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Give it a few minutes.

If you’re trying the Apple Music library feature for the first time on your smartphone, it may take between a couple of minutes and two hours to load and sync your music library on other devices. In this scenario, put your phone down and allow it time to download all of your albums and songs.

Reset Android phone

Resetting your Android smartphone to default settings can resolve the issues with its software as well as its applications. Before proceeding with this, we advise making backups of your Android data before you do so in the event of data loss.

Try a different application.

Have you tried these fixes, and yet Apple Music is not loading your library? It’s not the end of the road for you. It’s always possible to try alternative music apps like Spotify.

Spotify’s free version allows you to access millions of songs without any subscription fee. But, Apple Music gives you an initial trial period for free before charging users per month for the service. In contrast with Apple Music, Spotify has more platforms available and also.

Can I uninstall and then restore Apple Music?

Yes, you can do this very easily. Installing and reinstalling the Apple Music app is probably the easiest method to resolve the problems with the loading of the music library with iOS as well as Android devices.

To accomplish this with your Android device:

  • Backup your music files on your computer
  • Select the Settings menu on your Android device and go to the Apps section.
  • Find an Apple Music App and click it.
  • Then, click on the Uninstall option. Wait for several seconds until the process of uninstalling is complete.
  • Open Play Store. Open Play Store and search for Apple Music
  • Then first download the application.

To iPhone users:

  • On the main screen of your device, swipe left to open the applications
  • Hold and touch your finger on the Apple Music app, then tap to Remove
  • Then, tap the App Store icon, and then look to find an app called Apple Music app
  • Install and download Apple Music. Install the Apple Music app and turn on the sync library feature to fill your library


Hope this guide helps you resolve problems with the Apple Music load issue. We suggest that prior to using the troubleshooting methods, you begin by resolving network connectivity problems, freeing the storage available on both the iPhone as well as Android devices, as well as checking the status of your Apple Music subscription status. Good luck!!

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