Apoorva Pandhi joining Zetta Venture Partners as Managing Director

Apoorva Pandhi joining Zetta Venture Partners as Managing Director

Apoorva Pandhi is joining Zetta Venture Partners as a managing director. She will be focusing on AI and software infrastructure investment in early-stage businesses.

Zetta Venture Partners, a San Francisco, CA-based VC company solely focused on investing in AI and robotics, has recently announced that Apoorva Pandhi has joined the firm as an executive director.

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Apoorva Pandhi joining Zetta Venture Partners as Managing Director

In his new job, Pandhi will oversee the firm’s Fund along with Zetta’s managing director and Silicon Valley veteran, Jocelyn Goldfein, and Zetta’s chief executive officer and founder Mark Gorenberg.

The firm is committed to investing in pre-product-market-fit, AI-first startups with B2B business models that are redefining or pioneering new categories with the Power of Machine Learning. This includes companies like Kaggle, Tractable, and Domino Data Lab.

Pandhi joins Zetta as a partner from Foundation Capital, where he served as a Partner and was a part of various breakthrough ML and data and developer companies. A few of his top startups include Outerbounds (OSS Metaflow), Electric Sheep, Motherduck (OSS Duckdb), Fennel, Tabular (OSS Iceberg), and Bluesky, among other companies.

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In the past, before Foundation Capital, he was Vice Director for Enterprise Sales at Quid, which is a growing NLP as well as an ML platform. He was the founder of Funnl Labs, an ML platform aggregating and personalizing communications through social media, email, and other messaging. He began his investment journey with Lightspeed Venture Partners, where the focus was on enterprise and consumer-focused investments.

The company was founded in 2013, and Zetta Venture Partners focuses exclusively on investing in AI. Zetta Venture Partners manages $365 million in assets spread across three funds, leading investments in pre-traction, AI-first businesses with B2B models of business, such as Kaggle, Domo, Domino Data Lab, and Tractable. Find out more about the company.

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