Is Apex Legends Cross-Progression across PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC?

apex cross progression

Apex Legends is playable on various platforms which include consoles PC, Switch, and Mobile. However, with all the platforms to play on Cross-platform advancement is a popular desire from players. Is cross-progression available on Apex and, if so, can you move your skins, progress, and content?

Because Apex Legends is now available on every platform starting from Steam through the Nintendo Switch, cross-progression has become more popular. Cross-play is currently accessible across all platforms however cross-progression has not been made available.

Cross-progression allows you to link the Apex Legends account to different platforms, instead of having a separate account on a PC for instance, that is distinct from your console account. Cross-progression lets you seamlessly access content that is unlocked on one platform to another which means you don’t have to open a brand separate account on each.

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Apex Legends players remain keen to see this feature This is why we’ve compiled everything that we’ve learned about the possibility of cross-progression that is possible in Apex.

Apex Legends players have been in the process of requesting the feature long before it was made available on Steam as well as Switch.

Does there exist cross-progressions within Apex Legends?

At the moment, cross-progression is not currently available in Apex Legends between PC and Console.

However, gamers on PC do not have cross-progression with the PC platform by itself. If you first had a go at Apex via Origin, you can connect your account to Steam accounts and transfer your progress. In the same way, you can carry your progress from earlier console versions (e.g. PS4 from PS4 to PS5).

However, the same can’t be said of the cross-progression among PS4/5 as well as the Xbox range of consoles, or Nintendo Switch. The game is not cross-platform. no method that you can transfer the Apex Legends accounts between the different platforms. This is in contrast to Apex’s rivals Warzone as well as Fortnite which offer full cross-platform progress.

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Respawn stated that the reason for this was that it was “easier (to implement cross-progression) with Steam because it’s at launch,” in contrast to the merging of saves across Xbox as well as PlayStation accounts, as “users may have multiple accounts to merge or use,” according to former Game Director Chad Grenier.

This is an egregious oversight in one of the more well-known battle royales available. This isn’t ignored by the developers either. Cross progression is available in Steam as well as Origin.

When will cross-progression be coming to Apex Legends?

Cross-progression within Apex Legends is scheduled for 2022 according to Respawn.

Respawn has spoken about cross-progression in Apex Legends on a number of occasions. They also said that Apex Legends will have cross-progression in the near future.

As of the beginning of the 13th season, there’s no information regarding when cross-progression will be made available.

Cross-progression development actually stalled in 2021 because of hacks that took place on Titanfall as well as Apex Legends According to Grenier. In a Reddit AMA in August 2021, however, Apex Legends Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney noted that cross-progression was expected to be available “next year” (2022).

“Cross progression is gnarly as hell in terms of being a problem to solve,” he said. “It’s not just that you must solve the technical problem of merging accounts that are already in use There are legal and contractual issues to deal with when purchasing from other platforms. Different countries have different laws. This is messy. We’re working to fix it and are committed to the task of delivering it.”

Apex Legends ‘ producer Josh Medina reiterated in tweets from December 2021 that cross-progression was “in progress” and should arrive by 2022.

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Apex Legends Cross-progression between mobiles

In the wake of Apex Legends Mobile being available across the globe, you might wonder if progress or unlocks from the mobile game can be transferred to a PC or console.

Unfortunately, as Apex Mobile is a stand-alone game that is separate from Apex Legends on PC and console, there’s no cross-play feature or cross-progression.

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