Anyone Can Become A Villainess Spoilers

Anyone Can Become A Villainess Spoilers

The Beware of the Villainess book is an amusing review of the romance genre that I adored.

Beware of the Villainess is a hilarious manga about a woman living in modern-day Korea who discovers she is transformed into a daughter of a Duke in her most loved romantic novel, “The Brats I Love.” The overall style of her character is similar to the main character in HameFura (Otome Game No Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou Ni Tensei Shitematta), also known as “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” – Catarina Claes. Clearly, the character’s creators designed it to counteract Catarina, who we are familiar with.

Melissa Podebrat just is like Catalina, a brunette with long hair but does not possess the ability to manipulate magic. However, unlike Bakarina, Melissa is not charmingly dense or generally dumb and incredibly intelligent, clever, and as she describes herself as “has a rotten personality” this basically means she is an independent woman who does not take anyone’s garbage and does it in the most snarky and manner she can take every day. It’s truly enjoyable and entertaining to observe her reactions to the characters around her, the facial expressions she puts on, and the slurping of the words that come out of her mouth whenever she slams people.

What I like most about this tale is the fact that this comedic contrast to HameFura is based on the idea of criticizing the tropes of romance in romance novels simply by having Melissa tell the audience that the story is common sense. She loved this in her novel, however, now that she is living the story and has a full understanding of these characters as individuals in real life, she isn’t a fan. Like in HameFura characters, the characters act differently than the characters of the story.

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It’s not due to the fact that Melissa miraculously transformed the characters into better versions of themselves, as she was there when the world shattered their personalities. It’s simply that the characters received a new dimension as they ceased to be the stereotypes of the pages of a romance novel. This is why we get a real instance that “what I like in the fictional man when I read a story doesn’t apply to what I like in men in real life” The author lied to us.

Melissa is a fierce feminist who prefers to list all the flaws men she meets have rather than gush about the fact that they’re all beautiful and have her interests for herself. Seriously when she talks about these guys, I get the impression that “I am a feminist icon, and I don’t take this crap of a man for real,” as it’s just absurd how shallow they all are in real life and not the novels. They all have traits women would want to avoid as a man. Their masculinity is so disgusting and embedded into patriarchy Melissa can’t help shivering whenever she hears something snarling from their mouths, and this is absolutely amazing. OMG.

Another interesting thing is that Melissa is as disgusting as she could be. Melissa isn’t a woman who would be adored by Korean society, Japanese society, or Western society. She represents her self-esteem. She tells men that they’re not worth it even though she’s not afraid to be seen as inappropriate and enjoys actions that, according to the norms of society, aren’t appropriate for women since women are viewed as beautiful wives. In addition, thanks to her actions, she’s loved by the other characters that she gathers around her. In fact, even the main heroine, Yuri Elizabeth, prefers Melissa over all the men she can be in love with, and that’s gorgeous that I want to cry in joy.

I’m pretty sure Melissa’s “rotten personality” is a random of “fujoshi” as it means “rotten woman” in the sense that a “woman behaves in a way which makes her undesirable by the general patriarchal driven Asian men, and also that she is into BL manga and is most probably not straight herself” The reason for this is that it is the case in Japan fujoshi is synonymous with the word”lesbian,” since this is the meaning Japanese men were saying when they referred to them as sexually sexy – they’re gay and certainly not “proper wives” which they are supposed to be graciously selected by their husbands to be married.

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The idea of the main heroine and the main villain having a romantic relationship is borrowed from HameFura and HameFura, however, without the entire harem plot. Even though I grieve my polyamory, I’d rather Melissa to Yuri be with each other rather than date any of them and maybe even one who’s like, cute and also in Melissa’s corner and is, therefore, more attractive than the others, so there’s still a chance that polyamory will happen, I suppose. I hope it happens.

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