Anikka Lost Ark Adventure Tome

Anikka Lost Ark Adventure Tome

One of the key elements to obtaining great things to find in Lost Ark is to complete the Adventurer’s Tomes. Every continent has its own tomes and each one of them requires players to defeat the 15 monsters. They’re easily identified by the gold symbol that floats over them. However, they’re not always easy to locate.

The Anikka’s Adventure Tome creatures are split equally throughout the five areas of danger and there are three of them in each. To locate the creatures, there is no need to visit one of its four dungeons. However, you’ll need to traverse a long distance. If you’re struggling to find one of them, you can follow our instructions below. Be aware that you may also encounter the monsters in other places since they are rarely found in one location.

Delphi Township Monster Locations

Giant Ollac

Then, enter Delphi Township from the Prisma Valley portal and proceed to the south via Delphi Forest. The first route is east and will take you through a set of stairs into the northern portion of the Salon. When you are in, go through the door on the left to enter an empty passageway.

Near the end of the trail you’ll find At the end of the trail, you’ll encounter a giant Ollac. It’s a tough place, with a lot of fast-spawning mini-bosses. This includes those of the Giant Ollacs in themselves. Be prepared for a grueling battle in the Salon.

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Giant White Lion

At the Moonmist Manor Triport take the northwest route (past the Ruffian Boss) until the end, and then follow it to the right. Continue on the left when you travel to the northeast. There’s a small route that passes across two buildings. At the end of the path, there’s a Giant White Lion within the courtyard.

Lazy Crop Thief

Take a left turn to the west of The Delphi Township Farmland portal, and avoid the dead-end route heading north. After that, you’ll notice some bales of hay next to the wall. They are where the Lazy Crop Thief spawns just near these bales. And he’s actually lazy, he doesn’t even be able to attack you.

While you’re here, make sure to check out the structure located just a few feet north of the burglar. If you climb the steps made of wood and then explore the area on the left, you’ll locate The ‘ World In My Eyes Hidden Story’ place to get your book.

Melody Forest Monster Locations

Earthbound Hydra

This mini-boss monster with 15,000 health, which is quite powerful. It is also located right next to Chaotic Chun, Anikka’s tough boss of raids. He only appears only once per day, meaning it is fairly difficult to avoid.

To locate the Earthbound Hydra you need to switch to the Spring of Echoes in Melody Forest. Go north-northeast to Chun’s spawning point located on the map. If you’ve collected Mokoko seeds from this area, it’s exactly where you’ll see the monster located in between the triport as well as the point of spawn.

Twisted Nightmare Eyes

Take a walk to the guard station located at”the gate of the Gate in Melody Forest, either by heading north after arriving at Rattan Hill’s portal Rattan Hill portal or east from the Triport to the Ascetic Temple. Go east through the gate and then right across the entire zone to the edge, heading mostly towards the east, although you may go a bit to the south.

There’s a tiny nook at the eastern end of this vast area where the Twisted Nightmare Eyes develops.

Unliving Soldier

Portal to Spring of Echoes in Melody Forest. Follow the south-facing path east of the entrance, and continue to follow it until it turns to the east. If you stay on the south-facing portion of the road, you’ll be straight to the east until the path stretches out. The path will eventually come to the small pool filled with bubbling lava near which there is a The Unknown Soldier will appear regularly alongside a number of his companions.

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Prisma Valley Monster Locations

Giant Fire Dokkaebi

From starting at Bamboo Temple Triport Head across the bridge made of wood to the southeast and through the tiny area that is there, then continue to the east. Once you’ve entered the next section, you’ll find a northern route to Deity Shrine. On the left side of this pathway, you’ll find the gigantic fire Dokkaebi.

Before you go to this location, remember that Dokkaebis can be mini-bosses. They typically have company and even though they are slow, they can truly be a force to be reckoned with.

Giant Red Lion

Follow the southeast direction down the steps to Beacon Point Triport. Beacon Point Triport in Prisma Valley. Pass through the Deity Shrine and keep following the route up the winding steps to the south. You’ll be in a grand square that has the NPC Sia sitting in the center.

There’s one more path to take, which is located on the southeast corner. The Giant Red Lion appears on the right of the beginning of this path, near an old statue.

Lead Wind Fox

Take the steps to the east of the Beacon Point Triport in Prisma Valley, and head towards The Twilight Mists Portal. In the area in which that portal is located, go to the south, up a few steps before heading east across the bridge made of wood towards Beacon Point. Once you are into the Beacon Point area, and the entry point towards the north the area is home to you will see a Lead Wind Fox appears within the gates.

Rattan Hill Monster Locations

Brigand Veteran

Move to the Open Grave Triport in Rattan Hill. Travel west, then cross the wooden bridge that is small before heading north. You will be in the Den of Brigands. Enter the main room and remain on the right.

You’ll be confronted by the Brigand veteran just after you pass between the two guard towers made of wood. If you come to the stabled hoses, then you’ve crossed the line too far.

Strange Wooden Marionette

At the Yeon Family Training Grounds Triport Head north, then ascend the vines to the right side of the path until it begins to turn to the northwest. When you reach the top, turn north toward Rattan Garden. When the path opens to a grassy space There’s a strange Wooden Marionette against its northern border.

Twisted Sorcerer’s Ghost

After you’ve reached the Cold Haunted House Triport located in Rattan Hill, head west. There are two abandoned homes both opposite on either side of the path. Both are guarded by cold Corpses. The house is located north along the road guarded by The Spirit of the Twisted Sword You’re searching for.

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Twilight Mists Monster Locations

Rugged Tombstone

Find The Cloud Valley Triport in Twilight Mists. Take a left turn, then head east to the area with the massive wooden platform that is round, and take it down the steps towards the south. Be aware because this is the place where boss monster Chao is spawned. To the south of his spawning spot, there is a rugged Tombstone.

If Chao is up and you don’t wish to confront him, walk through him to the south until Chao ceases to follow you. It should be possible to remove the Tombstone from there, without drawing Chao’s interest. Alternately, you can head further south to the area below, where another Rugged Tombstone can often be located.

Notorious Red Robed Shaman

There are a few Red Robed Shaman south of the Nimbus Cavern Triport within Twilight Mists. Most often, they appear just to the south of this triport however, another one is always found near close to the road towards the south.

Be aware when you are transferring to this port since it’s one of those rare triports that are within proximity to several spawn points. This means that you could be attacked from the moment you stand at the port.

Hardshelled Flying Bird

Continue south towards the south from Twilight Mists’ Nimbus Cavern Triport before turning to the east, heading towards Soaring Hill. Then, at the intersection, head into the northern part of Soaring Hill. On the western side of the hill, there’s that Hardshelled Flying Bird that you require.

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