Anastasia King Murder: Is India Gifford King Jr. Still Here?

Anastasia King Murder: Is India Gifford King Jr. Still Here?

Anastasia King, a Kyrgyzstani native, went missing in the United States after she traveled to the United States as an order bride. Her mother called the authorities and requested a welfare check. The police learned quickly that Anastasia had died after a horrendous end. Investigation Discovery’s “Grave Mysteries: Hidden Truths” chronicles the horrendous murder and the police investigation that find the perpetrator. Let’s dive into this case to find out who Anastasia’s killer might be.

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How Did Anastasia King Die?

Anastasia King, a Kyrgyzstani native, married India Gifford King Jr. in 1998 at the age of 18 years. Anastasia’s parents were delighted to arrange a match through a foreign matchmaking agency. Indle was a well-off person. He earned a good monthly income through a rental company and also had an MBA from the University of Chicago. This made him a very eligible bachelor. Anastasia was described as a cheerful, kind-hearted teen who was eager to begin a new life.

Anastasia didn’t know the horrors she would face in the United States. Indle and Anastasia moved into their Snohomish County home in Washington after they arrived. They hoped for a happy life. Things turned sour after Indle and Anastasia traveled to Anastasia’s parents in September 2000. Anastasia and Indle were able to return to Washington State on September 21, 2000. However, Indle’s mother, a Kyrgyzstan native, couldn’t contact her immediately. This triggered an investigation by the police.

Indle Gifford claimed his wife had allegedly dumped them before he returned to Washington State. However, official records showed that Indle had entered Washington State with Anastasia. Authorities knew there was another side to the story. However, it took police many months to recover Anastasia’s body from a made-up grave in a Marysville garbage dump. Despite being completely naked, the victim died from strangulation. Police also found bruises on her body.

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Who Killed Anastasia Kings?

Anastasia King disappeared in March 2009. The police didn’t have any leads or eyewitnesses, so it was difficult to begin an investigation. Although Anastasia and Indle seemed to be in a good relationship, Anastasia was also a University of Washington student and was well-liked by her friends. Although the police conducted extensive searches of the area and interviewed several acquaintances, they could not find any immediate suspects.

That all changed when the police discovered Anastasia’s journal. They learned that Anastasia had been sexually assaulted and threatened regularly by her husband. Indle would abuse her when he felt she was not following his instructions. The police also discovered that Indle had previously divorced a mail-order bride. This cost him approximately $55,000.

People who knew Indle said that he didn’t want Anastasia doing the same to him. Anastasia continued to pull away from her husband because of his attitude. This led to frequent altercations. Official records revealed that Indle claimed she had abandoned him after returning to their Washington State home. They decided to investigate Daniel Larson, Indle’s friend and tenant, as Indle wouldn’t say much.

Daniel, a registered sexual offender, was currently in prison for an unrelated offense when authorities approached him to inquire about Anastasia’s disappearance. He initially insisted that he was innocent, but he soon admitted to her guilt. Indle then incapacitated Anastasia by placing his hand on her chest. He also led the officers to where Indle and he had dumped Anastasia’s corpse. With a body and an incriminating confession, Indle King was arrested by the police and charged with murder.

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Where is Indle Gifford Jr. now?

Daniel Larson pleaded guilty to second-degree murder when he was brought to trial. He even offered to testify against Indle Kings for a less severe sentence. In 2002, he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, which later increased to 28 years. Indle King, on the other hand, pleaded not guilty and appeared ready to stand before the jury during his trial. Although Daniel was a troublesome witness who often contradicted himself, the prosecution quickly discovered that Indle had attempted to convince several people, including his friend, to lie for him to win.

Many of these witnesses ended up testifying against Indle. The jury was convinced of Indle’s guilt once the accused appeared on the witness stand. In 2002, Indle King was found guilty of first-degree murder and witness tampering. He was sentenced to 28 and 11 months imprisonment. Indle King is still not eligible for parole and remains behind bars at Stafford Creek Corrections Center, Aberdeen, Washington.

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