Amina and Belel Kandil: Found or Missing? Where Are They Now?

Amina and Belel Kandil: Found or Missing? Where Are They Now?

The story of Amina And Belel Kandil, the event that began as a typical day with their father in August 2014 quickly became far more. Although it was intended to be an adventure to Canada the family quickly realized the kids could have been taken to another country. Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries: abducted by an Adult’ explores the background of the disappearance of young Amina and her disappearance as well as a mother’s quest to get justice. If you’re wondering about where the children might be and who could have them, here’s the information we have to say.

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What Happened to Amina and Belel Kandil?

Amina along with Belel Kandil were the children of Rebecca Downey and Ahmed Abdallah Taha Kandil. When Amina had her birth in the month of September within Augusta, Georgia, her younger brother, Belel, was born in January 2006 in the same city. Amina who was shy in her personality, was in stark contrast to Belel who was more open. At the time of the incident their parents were separated and had a deal on shared custody, and they were staying in Virginia.

Where Are Amina and Belel Kandil Now?

When they disappeared Amina was 10 years old, while Belel was aged 8. According to the TV show the children were expected to be back at school on September 2nd in 2014, however, they weren’t seen and Rebecca was unable to reach them. She contacted police shortly afterward and then visited Ahmed’s family members in Giza, Egypt. He was naturalized US citizen, and also had Egyptian citizenship. But, his family claimed they knew nothing regarding his location.

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The show claims that Rebecca discovered that Ahmed’s home was vacant and there were no vehicles that were parked on the street, which suggests Ahmed had left the region. In September 5th, 2014, authorities realized that Ahmed took the children on a trip to JFK airport , in New York, where they took a plane towards Boryspil, Ukraine, and afterward on to Ataturk, Turkey. There was no evidence that the trip was over, so the court of appeals decided to grant Rebecca only legal guardianship.

In the program, Rebecca discussed differences she had with Ahmed about how they would like to bring up Amina as well as Belel. In addition, the investigation revealed that the move was planned. Ahmed had been to the survivalist camp, learning to shoot and then shipped equipment for camping for kids abroad. Because Ahmed was out of his home in the United States, it became difficult for authorities to locate Ahmed and the children.

As of December 14, Rebecca discovered that the email address of Amina was compromised by Hatay from Turkey. Stacey Sullivan, the FBI agent who is investigating the case, said in June 2021 “We do have several possibilities of where they might be. We’ve narrowed them to a minimum and trust them in their relationship with their fathers Yes. We aren’t convinced that he would take them away from his sights at this point. His father also has close family ties that include his parents along with others who live in Egypt Based on what we’ve seen, possibly, we believe that they are located in Egypt.”

The show also mentioned The show Rebecca got an email on September of 2015 that was believed to be from Ahmed. The message suggested that Ahmed as well as his kids lived on a farm and that they were content there. The email also mentioned it was likely that Amina and Belel were able to choose the place they would live when they reached a point which they were able to distinguish between the right and wrong. The FBI continued to work with their Legal Attache office in Egypt as well as the US Department of State to locate the children. Nothing concrete came up over the next few years.

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Authorities are speculating they believe Amina and Belel might be within Alexandria, Cairo, or Giza in Egypt or Hatay. Stacey advised that people should be on the lookout for their children online, and to consider the possibility of them with different names. She also confirmed that the FBI have pursued each information that they could get and also asked for people to share information with any information they have. Additionally, a Facebook page named Rebecca’s Family posts regular updates on the investigation as well as keeps the case in the limelight.

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