Amber Lee is the executive director of The Select Date Society. Amber Lee is a renowned luxury matchmaker who has over 23 years experience in creating and repairing meaningful connections. Amber is a master of the science and art of love and has introduced more than 2,000 couples. Amber Lee Relationship Expert is the “go-to” matchmaker of successful CEOs, business owners and celebrities.


What happened to all this?

In 1998, she began her career as a matchmaker. Amber Lee worked previously for several matching agencies in the United States. Sandra Myers was her co-worker at the company in 2009. They talked about ways to improve matching and produce better client results. Although they had been considering starting their own business for some time, they didn’t get around to it until 2020 when she almost died. On May 10, 2020, she suffered cardiac arrest. A defibrillator was able to restart her heart. Sandra took action after realizing how fleeting life is! Select Date Society launched the company on June 1, 2021. It was also featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post.

Amber Lee is a relationship expert

Select Date Society was founded on the belief that singles today need a better choice in dating. Most businesses’ one-size-fits all approach does not seem to yield the desired results for their clients, online or in-person. Every matchmaker has a different strategy to help clients achieve their goals. Amber Lee Relationship Expert clients want to be part of a select few, not many like large franchise companies.

SDS Matchmakers will work with you to create a customized program that achieves your goals. They have found that most singles they have worked with can meet the requirements of a happy relationship. It was harder to find great singles than it was to meet people. They have also worked with singles who appreciate the additional help of their matchmaker. A Personal Matchmaker may also be able to help customers make informed decisions and achieve their ultimate goal.

The company’s most important facts

They believe that if they care about the customer, the business will take its care. Select Date Society is the best choice for those looking for a unique approach to dating that supports and promotes your dreams. They help singles feel confident about dating again. The SDS Amber Lee Relationship Specialist will help you find the perfect partner, whether you are just starting to date again or looking for love!

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Select Date Society offers a customized service based on your membership level. This allows you to meet all of your expectations. They will do everything to make sure you succeed. SDS allows selected singles to feel supported and understood. Select Date Society offers singles a fun and enjoyable dating experience while maintaining high standards of service and selection. They help people succeed and appreciate the time they spend with them.

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