Amazon Prime Code 9912: HOW TO FIX FIRE STICK ISSUES

Amazon Prime Code 9912

Are you getting the Amazon Prime error 9912 when accessing your streaming services through your smart TV or Firestick?

Amazon Prime offers a variety of content, from the most recent movies to binge-worthy series. It’s important to understand why your streaming service experiences error 9912.

This Amazon Prime Code 9912 is temporary and can be fixed. We have created this guide to help you troubleshoot your Amazon Prime Video app. You can then go back to your favourite shows and continue watching them without interruptions.

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What is Amazon Prime Code 9912?

Amazon Prime Code 9912: HOW TO FIX FIRE STICK ISSUES

When users try to stream from Amazon Prime, the 9912 error code is specific to the Fire TV and Firestick.

This error code is temporary and intermittent. It will eventually resolve itself. However, this error code could be caused by your Amazon Prime subscription is outdated or your TV’s firmware needing to be updated.

Amazon Prime needs internet speed.

This error code 9912 may appear in your Amazon Prime video application. An inadequate internet connection could cause it. This can cause slow streaming and other issues.

  • 0.9Mbps required for standard streaming
  • 35Mbps High Definition

This link will keep you up-to-date with internet speeds.

Connecting multiple devices on the same network with your Amazon Prime app is possible. To give your streaming app more bandwidth, you may want to disconnect them.

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How can I fix error 9912 Amazon Prime?

This error code is temporary and can be fixed by troubleshooting the device.

Fix 1.

To improve performance, cache files are saved on your device.

However, these files could corrupt and cause your app glitches.

These files can be deleted to free up space and eliminate any faulty ones.

Step 1. Select Settings on your smart Fire TV

Step 2. Select “Applications”

Step 3. Choose Manage Installed Apps’

Step 4. Search Amazon Prime and select Clear Cache.’

Step 5. Select ‘Clear Data’

Now, the cache files will be deleted.

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Fix 2. Complete Updates

Amazon Prime Code 9912: HOW TO FIX FIRE STICK ISSUES

This error code can be displayed on the Amazon Prime app if the app is out of date or your Fire TV’s operating systems need to be updated.

This will ensure that your software is compatible with the Amazon Fire TV app.

To upgrade your TV’s software,

Step 1. Go into your ‘Settings’

Step 2. To access it, click on “My Fire TV.”

Step 3. Choose About’

Step 4 Now, click Check for software updates

Your smart TV should automatically update your apps. However, you can manually check that Amazon Prime is current.

Step 1. On your home screen, select ‘Apps.’

Step 2. Find Amazon Prime

Step 3. With your remote, click on ‘More Information.’

Step 4. Now, you can select Update. If it offers the option,

After the updates have been completed, turn on your TV and fire up the Firestick if you’re using it.

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Fix 3. Power reset

Resetting the power on your smart TV will restore connections between Amazon Prime and their server.

Step 1. Turn your TV off

Step 2. Step 2.

Step 3. Allow it to rest for a while before you plug it in again.

Step 4. Reset your TV, and Launch Amazon Prime

You can also power reset your router to refresh your internet connection, which will increase your connection.

Step 1. Turn the wifi connection off on the router

Step 2. Unplug, and pause for several minutes

Step 3. Plug it back into, and then switch it back to

After your wifi has been reconnected, you can open the Amazon Prime app.

Fix 4. Use Mobile

You can bypass the error code 9912 by using your mobile device

Step 1. Install the Amazon Prime app on your smartphone

Step 2. Start The program or movie that you want to view on your mobile device.

Step 3. Launch Your Amazon App on Your TV

Step 4 Search for the show that you are interested in and click on ‘Resume’

Fix 5. Unplug fire stick

Unplugging an Amazon Fire Stick and waiting for a few minutes will reconnect it.

After plugging it in, make sure you restart the TV.

Fix 6. Check the Amazon Prime server

This will impact how Amazon Prime works if unplanned maintenance or an outage.

This link will allow you to check if your server is down.

If the server is down and the error code 9912 is displayed on your screen, then you can attempt to fix it. However, you might need patience and wait for the server to restart.

Fix 7. Close your app and reopen it

Relaunching Amazon Prime and closing it can help to fix the error code.

Close the app and turn your TV on and off again.

After this, Amazon should be able to relaunch itself.


Amazon Prime Video has quickly become a popular streaming service for the latest TV series and movies.

It is a very affordable monthly subscription that you can’t miss. However, there are some issues and errors, just like any other app.

We hope that this guide helped you understand the 9912 error code on Amazon Prime and that it was easy to resolve with our 7 simple fixes.

Amazon Prime has a support page that provides information about your Amazon Prime account.

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