AirPods Keep Cutting Out? Here’s How To Fix!

AirPods Keep Cutting Out

Are you unable to listen to music properly with your AirPods? Are you also wondering “Why do my Airpods keep cutting out music”? Let us help you with the troubles you are facing with your Airpods. 

One of the best audio products that have been developed by Apple is the Apple Airpods. Millions of people have been using this Apple product. The AirPods are wireless, and portable in size, as well, they add to the looks of the person who is wearing them. With good audio quality, AirPods have already become quite popular. 

However, some people complain that they are facing issues with the Airpods they use. One of the common issues with Airpods is that these Airpods keep cutting out or the Airpods keep getting disconnected. 

Are you also tired of this problem and asking the question “Why my Airpods keep cutting off”? Then, don’t worry, in this article, we will tell you about why you are facing this problem with your Airpods and how you can fix your Airpods cutting out. 

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Why Do My Airpods Keep Cutting Out?

AirPods Keep Cutting Out? Here's How To Fix!

Are your Airpods skipping the audio when you listen to something through them? Why do my AirPods keep cutting out on Spotify? Why do my AirPods keep cutting out on Mac? Why do my Airpods 2 keep cutting out? If such questions have been pondering in your mind, it is time you put an end to your confusion and get a clear answer on this. 

We know that the Airpods connect to your device via Bluetooth connection. Being the True Wireless Stereo devices, they completely rely only and only on Bluetooth linking. Here are some of the common reasons out of which one might be the cause of your AirPods cutting out the music. 

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1. Battery Problem

If the battery of your Airpods is not working in a proper manner, then there are great chances that your Airpods will cut out the sound which is being played to your ears at the moment. Without proper functioning of the battery of your Airpods, the whole Bluetooth connection of your Airpods with your device will have to suffer. 

2. Incompatibility With The Device

If the gadget you are connecting to your Airpods via Bluetooth is comparatively outdated or even the latest version with respect to your Airpods version, then the two might go incompatible with each other. Due to this incompatibility, you might be facing the issue of the audio cutting out on your Airpods. 

3. Bluetooth Connection

If correct scanning has not been done or if there is any other hindrance in the Bluetooth connection of your Airpods to your device, the audio on your Airpods will cut out or skip. 

How To Fix Airpods Cutting Out?

AirPods Keep Cutting Out? Here's How To Fix!

If you are tired of cutting out of sound on your AirPods, there are some ways in which you can fix this problem and enjoy listening to music or whatever without any kind of interruption. Let us know what are these ways that might help you with this. 

1. Keep your Airpods And The Device In Close Proximity

Make sure that there is not much distance between your Airpods and the phone to which you have connected them. Since, the Bluetooth connections have a good range only up to the distance of 30 feet, both of your gadgets should not be farther than the maximum distance or they will keep cutting out the sound due to loss of Bluetooth connection. 

2. Try Reconnecting Your AirPods

Sometimes, the sound on your Airpods is simply cutting out due to some sort of glitch while pairing them with your phone. So, it is better that you try disconnecting and then again connecting your Airpods to your device. In most of the cases, the Airpods will start playing smoothly after you reconnect them to your phone. 

To do this, you will first have to simply put back your Airpods into their case and close the lid of the case. As you do this, your Airpods’ connection to your device will be disconnected. Now, you can turn the Bluetooth of your device off and then again turn it on.

 Again, open your Airpod case’s lid and wear them in your ears. They will automatically get connected to your phone and you can check if they are now playing the sound without cutting out or not. 

3. Make Sure That Your iPhone’s Bluetooth Is On

AirPods Keep Cutting Out? Here's How To Fix!

Check if you have turned the Bluetooth of your device on. If your device’s Bluetooth has not been enabled, then you will not be able to connect your Airpods to your phone and so the sound will play on them. If your Bluetooth is turned off, turn it on by going to your device’s Bluetooth settings. 

4. Try Disabling Automatic Ear Detection

There is an Automatic Ear Detection feature provided on Apple’s Airpods. When this feature is enabled, the Airppds automatically detect when you put AirPods in your ears and when you remove them and they play or pause the audio as per the detection. So, this feature can sometimes create glitches that might let the audio to cut out. 

To prevent this from happening, you can disable this feature and then check your AirPods if they work properly after that. 

Other things that you may try to prevent cutting out on your AirPods is by disabling Automatic Switching or Resetting your AirPods.

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Wrap Up

Now you know what might be the possible causes behind your AirPods cutting out and what are the possible ways that you can go for in order to fix this issue with your Airpods. If there is any other trouble that you are facing with your Airpods, you can share it with us through the comments section and we will try our hardest to sort it out. 

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