5 Best Scholarships for Black Women

5 Best Scholarships for Black women

There are many national and local organizations that offer scholarships for Black women. Although a scholarship search engine is the best way to locate all scholarships available, these scholarships can be a great starting point.

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5 Best Scholarships for Black women

  • Judith McManus Price Scholarship

The American Planning Association offers the Judith McManus Price scholarship to students from minority groups and women who have financial needs and want to study planning. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a Planning Accreditation Board-approved program. Two-page personal statements must be submitted by applicants describing their interest and how it relates to their career goals.

Amount Variables

Deadline T.B.D.

Apply: https://www.planning.org/foundation/scholarships/price/form/

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  • Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship

You may be eligible for the Dr. Gussie M. Ware Memorial Scholarship if you are a Black woman who is pursuing your first undergraduate degree. You must be a high-school senior or G.E.D. recipient, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, and live in Winnebago County. Your creative skills will be tested by writing an essay that lists your personal achievements, leadership skills, and obstacles that make you a good candidate for the award.

Amount Variables

Deadline: Feb. 1, 2023

  • Apply: https://www.cfnil.org/scholarships/dr-gussie-m-ware-memorial-scholarship

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UNCF Healthcare Workforce Diversity ProgramUNCF Healthcare Workforce Diversity Program is sponsored by AbbVie Foundation. It aims to reduce racial disparities in the healthcare industry by providing career, financial and academic support for Black students majoring in this field. Both high school seniors, as well as college students can apply for the scholarship. You must be enrolled in an associate degree or certificate program at an accredited college and have a desire to work in the health-related S.T.E.M. fields. You must also fill out the FAFSA and have an unmet financial need, as determined by your school, and be in good academic standing.

Maximum Amount: up to $5,000

Deadline: Sept. 29, 2022

Apply: https://scholarships.uncf.org/Program/Details/e2b52862-6b2e-44be-b515-4e69abdfcda8

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  • Geoscience IDEA Scholarship

The Geoscience IDEA Scholarship is available to Black women who study geoscience and earth science. The Association for Women Geoscientists offers this award to encourage diversity in geosciences. It matches scholarship recipients with A.W.G. mentors. The scholarship recipients can reapply for future years of funding. Even applicants who aren’t selected for the scholarship may be eligible for A.W.G. sponsored student membership or placement with A.W.G. mentors for one year.

Maximum Amount: up to $5,000

Deadline: June 30, 2023

Apply: https://www.awg.org/page/ScholarshipsandAwards

  • James W. Stoudt Memorial Scholarship

Through the James W. Stoudt Memorial Scholarship, the Pennsylvania Bar Association annually awards $3,000 to two minority law students. You must be a Black, Hispanic, or Native American student at one of Pennsylvania’s nine accredited legal schools. A personal essay detailing your goals and contributions to the legal profession, community, or both will be required. Referees must also be provided.

Amount: $3,000

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2022

Apply: https://www.pabar.org/site/Foundation/What-We-Do/James-W-Stoudt-Memorial-Scholarship

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Scholarships for Black Women: Where can you find them?

Scholarship search engines are a great place to look for scholarships for Black women. These sites compile thousands upon thousands of scholarships and arrange them by award amount, deadline, and other criteria. To find scholarships that are right for you, you can filter by more specific criteria. These are some of the most popular scholarship search engines:

  • Cappex.
  • Fastweb.
  • Peterson’s.
  • Scholarships.com.
  • Unigo.

How to get college scholarships

You are more likely to be awarded aid if you apply for more scholarships. These are some tips to increase your chances of winning scholarships.

  • Respect deadlines: Most organizations will not accept late applications. When you send in an application by mail, make sure to note whether it must be received or posted before the deadline.
  • Submit your FAFSA Form Some organizations may require that you submit the FAFSA Form before you apply, especially if you are applying for a need-based scholarship.
  • Contact your college’s financial aid office. H.B.C.U.s offer scholarships and programs for Black women that aren’t offered by other universities.
  • Search for your niche. To narrow down the field, search for fellowships or scholarships that are related to your major, discipline, or interests. You have a greater chance of winning the award because there will be fewer applicants if you are more specific.
  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of your applications. If you are applying for multiple scholarships, use a calendar or spreadsheet to organize them. You can mark deadlines and scholarship amounts, as well as the status of your application.

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The scholarship will determine when and how much money you receive. Some scholarships can be applied directly to the total cost of attendance (tuition and fees, housing, etc.). Some send the money by mail, while others will email the information. The details will be provided by the school or organization once you accept the scholarship.

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