5 Best Elden Ring Daggers | How To Get

Best Elden Ring Daggers

Elden Ring has interesting weapons called daggers. These weapons can only be used in close quarters, not for head-to-head combat.

Instead, dagger-users should use a sneaky approach to ensure they land the right hits on the enemy. These weapons are some of the most difficult to use.

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Elden Ring is able to provide a wide range of daggers that users can choose from. The following article provides a list of five powerful daggers every player who wishes to use this weapon type should have in their inventory.

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Every Dagger that players should try chasing in Elden Ring

  • Misericorde

Misericorde may be the best Dagger in Elden Ring’s arsenal. Misericorde boasts one of the longest ranges in its weapon class.

You can also add Ashes of War to the weapon, increasing its versatility. Finally, the weapon can infuse Ashes of War with 140 critical damage. This weapon is, in all likelihood, the highest in the entire game.

Location – Obtained from Stormveil Castle.

  • Bloodstained Dagger

It is well-known that the Elden Ring has broken the Bleed status effects. So, any weapon with Bleed status as passive can be used in the game.

Bloodstained Dagger is no different. But the weapon offers even more. Surprisingly, this weapon can scale in strength, requiring just nine of the previous stats.

This weapon can allow you to create various build options thanks to the strength scaling.

Location A rare drop from Demihuman chiefs

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  • Black Knife

This Dagger is available to players for faith build in Elden Ring. Even non-faithful users should try this weapon since it is quite broken.

Black Knife can use a special skill called Blade of Death. Players will use projectiles to reduce the health of their target and also deal long-term damage.

This skill is not allowed against bosses at the end of the game. It has as much range as other spells and cantations, so players can keep their distance. This weapon can’t be enchanted, infused, or altered.

Location Defeat Black Knife Assassin from Sainted Hero’s Grave.

  • Reduvia

REDUVIA, another Elden Ring weapon, is excellent for dealing Bleed Damage to enemies. This Dagger is frequently considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the early-to middle-game.

Its weapon art Reduvia Blood Blade, which is a weapon of the Reduvia Blood Blade, shoots projectiles like Black Knife. The projectiles cause bleeding and can be used to inflict very severe injuries. The problem with this weapon is its limited range.

Reduvia will drop towards the end, but players can still keep it as their pocket pick.

Location: Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus in Limgrave.

  • Scorpion’s Stinger

The final weapon on the list is Scorpion’s Stinger. This is an extremely effective weapon at inflicting Scarlet Rot.

Ideally, rot is very strong. Gaming can also use for building related to the same.

Location Grand Cloister.

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