4 Easy Ways to Fix Discord Keeps Restarting

Fix Discord Keeps Restarting

Discord common error that users frequently try to fix by restarting it. But what if Discord Keeps Restarting. It is a great way for gamers to communicate with each other. So here is easy Fix Discord Keeps Restarting.

Discord offers a majority of its services for free. Before you reach the cap, Discord allows you to only access 100 servers. You can also create your own servers. You can create and manage as many servers as you like. Other players can also be appointed to serve as moderators.

Discord bots are a great addition. They can be used to perform many activities depending on their capabilities.

A bot is often used in voice channels to find and play different songs. However, some users reported experiencing errors like discord screen not audio, spell check, and Discord Keeps Restarting.

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How do I Fix Discord Keeps Restarting?

Fix Discord Keeps Restarting

Discord may restart after you try to connect to a server. Even after several minutes, Discord still refused to allow you to connect to the server.

This is a common problem in Discord culture; Discord keeps restarting.

There are some things you can do in order to stop Discord from restarting unexpectedly.

These simple techniques can be used to quickly fix the problem of Discord.

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Delete Cache Files to See If That Helps

Fix Discord Keeps Restarting

To fix Discord that keeps restarting, the first thing to do is to look for and uninstall Discord’s cache files. To locate the cache files, run a Windows scan.

Start by pressing Windows + E on the keyboard. After that, carefully type “%AppData% Discord” in the search box. You can also delete the cache and the Local Storage folder.

Task Manager Can Stop the 2-Discord Process.

Close Discord and then open it again through the Task Manager. To access the Task Manager, simply click CTRL + AL + Delete on your keyboard.

You can choose Task Manager to launch it on your device.

You’ll find a range of procedures in Task Manager. To open Discord, right-click on it in Task Manager. Click End Task to close Discord’s process. Run

To see if the problem persists, you can try Discord again. Also, you can check if Discord is still working in your browser to see if the problem persists.

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Change the Server’s Region

Fix Discord Keeps Restarting

Discord can sometimes have a problem with specific regions. No one will be allowed to join the server if the server is in that region during that time.

Therefore, everyone must update the server’s location before they can access it. (link Discord Refresh)

Unfortunately, this is only allowed for the server administrator, owner, and moderators.

To join your server, click on Server Settings > Overview > Server Region. Switch to another server.

If you don’t have the server, you can ask an administrator or mod to change the region.

Enable Legacy Mode and Disable Hardware Acceleration

Finally, Discord can be disabled from hardware acceleration to stop Discord from restarting. We recommend you also allow legacy mode.

To turn off hardware acceleration, go to Settings > Appearance> To enable Legacy Mode, go to Settings > Voice and Video > Audio Subsystem.

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Discord Keeps Restarting

Discord causes problems like discord keeping restarting in various cases.

Below are some solutions to common problems with the Discord application:

Discord crashes on startup.

It is possible to fix the problem by closing down all background programs currently running on your computer. Restart your computer, and download the Discord update.

Discord crashes on your phone.

Check that your Android or iOS device meets minimum system requirements. Modifying the program can fix the problem of crashing. If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall your program.

IOS Discord Keeps Crashing

If Discord Keeps Crashing occurs, restart your iOS computer. You can also review the troubleshooting steps in the sections below.

Discord Restarts At Random

Discord will run smoothly if you disable hardware acceleration. You can also activate the Legacy Mode to fix the issue.

Unexpected crashes and Discord

These methods will help you resolve Discord Crashes Unexpectedly. Disabling compatibility mode and downloading the latest Discord updates are just a few of the options.

Unable to update Discord

Try running Discord with administrator privileges to update it. Turn off your antivirus program if you are unable to upgrade it. The problem should be solved by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it.

Final Thoughts

These four steps should help you to resolve the problem of Discord’s continuous restarting problem.

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