3 Easy Ways to Follow Hashtags On Twitter [2022]

Follow Hashtags On Twitter

Instagram allows users to follow any hashtag that they wish. This made it easier to track favorite hashtags, topics, and communities. It is used by me, for instance, to track posts about my beloved Cannondale Supersix road bike. Users of social media platforms like Twitter are not as lucky.

Instagram users can now follow hashtags, so Twitter users may feel envious. At the moment, you cannot follow hashtags on Twitter.

Monitoring social media requires you to monitor hashtags across all social media platforms. You can gain valuable insights from following a hashtag on Twitter, particularly if you are running a social media campaign.

There are other benefits to following hashtags on Twitter. It is easy to spot trends and discover Twitter accounts that fit your business niche.

There is a way to follow Twitter hashtags that aren’t available on Twitter. All of them are much more sophisticated than manual hashtag searches.

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I created a guide on how to use three tools to follow a Twitter hashtag.

  • Brand24 is a media monitoring, analytics, and reporting tool
  • Tweetdeck is a column-based tracking and reporting tool
  • Twitter’s internal search bar

Brand24 is an online tool that allows you to follow any hashtag on Twitter in real-time.

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How do you Follow Hashtags On Twitter?

3 Easy Ways to Follow Hashtags On Twitter [2022]

Brand24 is a Media Monitoring and Analytics tool you can use to follow a hashtag on Twitter or other platforms.

This allows you to get very close to real-time monitoring and email notifications.

You can follow several Twitter hashtags simultaneously.

Brand24 offers more than hashtag following. Here’s what you get:

  • Volume metrics: The number of tweets that contain your hashtags in a given period
  • Engagement metrics: Number and type of likes, comments, retweets, and retweets
  • Sentiment analysis of tweets that mention your hashtags: Metrics of sentiment
  • Influence Most influential Twitter accounts using your hashtags
  • Social media reach for all tweets that contain your hashtags
  • Top 100 Most Popular Hashtags: Top 100 Most Reported Hashtags

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Now follow your Twitter hashtag.

You can get notifications about new tweets that use your hashtags in a few ways.

  • The tool’s dashboard: All tweets that include your hashtag will be there
  • Email notifications You can set up email notifications to be notified about new tweets either immediately or regularly
  • Slack If you use Slack communicator, you can get mentions to a predefined channel

Let’s see if you think it’s cool.

1. Register for your Brand24 free Account. No credit card is required.

2. Enter a hashtag in the creator and include the hashtag symbol.

3. Choose language.

4. Click To create a project.

The tool now collects all mentions of your hashtag on Twitter. These can be found in the Mentions tab.

Follow and analyze hashtags using Twitter. Register for a 14-day trial


3 Easy Ways to Follow Hashtags On Twitter [2022]

To create notifications, navigate to Project Settings, then the Notifications tab, and click More notifications.

A pop-up window will open. Select Email address; Frequency, then click Save.

You will now receive email notifications regarding new tweets that contain your hashtag.

Analyze tab

Here you will find the metrics I mentioned before: engagement, volume, and social media reach. Influence or trending hashtags are just a few examples.

Here you will find a lot of information about your Twitter hashtag.

You can measure the effectiveness of your hashtag campaign on Twitter!

Notifications of lack

Slack can be used to communicate at work by your company. Follow your Twitter hashtags in a dedicated Slack Channel.

Go to Account Settings within your hashtag project.

Click Integrations.

Select your project using the hashtag, and then choose the filter to receive email notifications.

Brand24 will redirect to Slack’s website once you click Add Slack integration. Here you can choose which Slack channel you want to receive tweets that mention your hashtag.

Done. This is how it looks in Slack.

Create Brand24 and follow any hashtag on Twitter to analyze it!

Tweetdeck: How do you follow a hashtag on Twitter?

Although a few Twitter management tools are available, none have been specifically designed to track Twitter hashtags. Tweetdeck, a column-based tool that tracks your hashtags, is a less laborious way to do so.

Tweetdeck, a Twitter management tool that allows you to follow hashtags, is great. However, following Twitter hashtags isn’t always the most effective way to communicate your message. Here’s how you do it:

  1. To the left, click on the + symbol.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Enter your hashtag using the # sign.
  4. Voila! Tweetdeck created a column containing recent tweets that contain your hashtag.

You can filter hashtags with this tool.

  • Keywords not included
  • Date range
  • Language
  • Localization
  • Engagement and More

How do you manually follow a Twitter hashtag?

Although manually following a hashtag is not the best idea, it will help you reach your goal. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Search.
  2. In the search box at the top right corner next to your profile options, type in your hashtag and the hashtag sign.
  3. Hit Search, and Twitter will bring up the most recent tweets from your hashtag.
  4. It is important to keep up with hashtag mentions. You will need to refresh this page each now and again to see the most recent content.

It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Twitter is the only Option. You won’t find analytics if you need it.

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