10 Best YouTube Channels for Kids | 2022 

10 Best YouTube Channels for Kids

The internet has been playing a crucial role in the present generation’s upbringing. Whether it is through easily accessible fun online courses, or the educational videos presented on YouTube.

In the last few years, YouTube has witnessed a significant increase in family and kid-friendly channels; however, not all of them are worth the while.

When it comes to the content you want your kids to view, you have to be extra careful. At this age, they pick up habits, language, and several personality traits from what they are constantly exposed to.

Therefore, we have put together a list of the best YouTube channels for guides that are safe for your child to watch. These channels are filled with educational and informative videos that will help and engage your kids in doing better.

However, before we begin, you must make sure that your home has a stable internet connection. After all, you would not want your kids to get cranky when their favorite show is buffering all of sudden.

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With that sorted, let’s dive in and find out the best YouTube channels for kids that you need to subscribe to now!

1.      Kids Learning Tube (KLT)

Subscribers: 1.47 Million

It is no secret that we humans can quickly remember lyrics, but would have a hard time memorizing a simple theorem. This YouTube channel realizes this quality and has built its content around this.

Kids get to learn informative content through music. You find it all here; from vegetables to colors, everything there is to know about Earth and so much more! Kids can dance to the tunes all while learning something new.

2.      NAT Geo Kids

Subscribers: 680k

This channel is National Geographic’s flagship channel dedicated to kids. Videos from National Geographic Kids are quite captivating and make learning about the globe entertaining.

The content included in these videos is best suited for elementary-aged children with awesome animals, intriguing science, hilarious pet videos, and more. The channel is enjoyable for kids and adults as well. After all, who does not love a cute animal blooper?

3.      Ryan’s World

Subscribers: 33.4 Million

The channel gained attention by unwrapping and reviewing new toys, but it quickly expanded to educational videos, fun DIY activities, and science stuff. Since all this is happening from a kid’s point of view, it makes it more attractive for the kids to watch. Nevertheless, a major chunk of the channel’s videos is mostly toy-related.

4.      FreeSchool

Subscribers: 549K

As the name suggests, the channel has got every information that the schools cover. With more visuals and grasping information, it makes it easier for the kids to remember. This can be regarded as an evergreen channel. Everything you need to know about famous places, science, literature; or anything taught from kindergarten till fourth grade, can be found here.

5.      Cosmic Kids Yoga

Subscribers: 1.34 Million

How can this list be complete without any physical activities’ channel for kids? Cosmic Kids Yoga is the perfect YouTube channel for kid-friendly exercises. While the other channels focus on children’s brain activities, here, you can make them physically active and help them relax through these workouts. This will keep them hooked on staying healthy and active.

6.      Blippi – Educational Videos for Kids

Subscribers: 16.4 Million

Blippi’s infectious curiosity inspires young viewers to embark on educational journeys that advance their growth and development. In his videos, you visit interesting places across the US.

He explains what different professions do, along with attention-grabbing quips and engaging content that makes it worthwhile for kids. Whether it is vehicles, animals, or colors, Blippi will show it all! Blippi’s channel fosters vocabulary growth while assisting kids in developing their awareness of the world.

7.      Art for Kids Hub

Subscribers: 6.2 Million

Let your kids’ creativity be free! With new art lessons uploaded weekly, kids always have something new to learn and make on their own. This allows them to express themselves freely and engage in useful activities. So, even you never run out of art ideas!

Wrapping Up

That is all with our picks of the best YouTube channel for kids. These channels, not only challenge kids’ cognitive skills but also help them stay active physically by channeling their energy into something positive.

Chris Evan was born in Dubai and raised in Montreal. He studied Computer Science and was so pleased with computer languages. He began writing after obsessing over technology.

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